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If you do not know why Indies Rock this blog tour will tell you all about it. There are plenty of downsides, but I’ll tell you why I love being an Indie Author.

My Top 5 Reasons:

1.) It keeps me humble. I’m grateful for every reader I have, and the readers that come to light, I let them know. For every five readers that love my writing, one hates it and doesn’t bother to hide that fact. Yeah, keeps me humble.

2.) Deadlines. I DO NOT like people telling me what to do. So much that I can’t even tell myself what to do. This includes deadlines. Like now, my indie blog tour post is today and I’m writing it today. I love doing what I need to do, when I want to do it better than having a deadline breathing down my back. For those that do not know me, I also lead a triple life of mother/writer by day, CIA agent by night.

3.) All the AWESOME people I’ve met, and continue to meet. I can always tell when someone completely “gets” my writing. When they “get” everything about my works without having to be led around by the nose. When they “get” my humor. When they “get” my sarcasm. My readers are awesome. My author friends are awesome. My blogger buddies are awesome. There are just some really awesome people in general. More pop into my life on a daily basis, and they wouldn’t if I weren’t an indie author. If I weren’t an indie author, I would not get as nearly as much screen time with my newfound friends.

4.) Having my rights to the works I came up with. This is very important. If someone else owned the rights to my stories, they could do as they please with them without consulting me first. That does not give me a warm happy fuzzy feeling. If you know what I mean. I control everything from the cover design to the scenes I decide to cut out to saying HELL NO to small press publishers.

5.) Why everyone should love Indie Authors… No one has to wait a year for the author’s next book! =)

****Post Edit****

Reason 6 or does this fit into reason 3? Oh well. It’s awesome.

Stop by the rest of the tour. Running until December 20th!

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