Signed Books!

If you are interested in signed books, I’m having a sale! *All sale prices end upon publication of Living with the Dead.*

  • Taking on the Dead – On Sale $10.00
  • Controlling the Dead – On Sale $10.00
  • Living with the Dead (Special Preorder Sale) – $8.00
  • The Famished Trilogy Box Set (4 Books, Including Anthology Preorder Sale) – $35.00 
  • The Famished Anthology (Special Preorder Sale) – $8.00
  • Ink Slapped written as AM Jones (Preorder Sale) – $10.00
  • Empathic Disturbances Book One (TBA Preorder) – TBA
  • The Famished Trilogy Hardback Books 1-3 (Limited Edition Set with new cover images) – TBA
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  1. Shari

    I love your artwork. It’s edgy and cool and effective. I will definitely keep you in mind when I self publish.

  2. Emily

    Are we still able to pre-order the living with the dead book? I don’t see a link for PayPal anymore.

    • theanniewallsAnnie

      You’ll be able to preorder it. A few of my Paypal links were broken and I still haven’t fixed them yet. 😉 If I don’t do it today, I’ll put it on my to-do for Monday…. this is the downfall of managing EVERYTHING myself. lol. I need PA. *grumbles*

  3. ~Robin~

    I MUST have the hardcover additions of this series… will they be available to Canadians? If so (please, please, please) when/how will I be able to order them?

  4. theanniewalls

    Hardbacks will be available to everyone. 😉

    I’m having a hard time with artists… I’ve been to two of them so far.

  5. Susan Murden

    Interested in the pre-order of the “Famished Trilogy + the Anthology. Signed by Annie Walls. Where can I order them ? This site says $35.00 which is great, but couldn’t figure out how tonpre-order.
    Susan Murden



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