Hey guys…. hard at work here. Here’s some things to get you excited!! Thanks for being patient. It’ll be worth the wait. 😉

My face heated. I stalked a few steps. His eyes widened as I balled my fist and swung it low. I connected under his chin, feeling his teeth snap together. I launched myself on top of him before he could recover. Another swing, but he dodged at the last second. I grunted in frustration and used my other fist which he evaded just as easily. Tears threatened my eyes when I smelled him—earthly and fresh—a different soap than I remember but still uniquely Rudy. Finally, I slapped him across the face. My palm stung as I paused my assault at seeing his shit-eating grin. His eyes crinkled at the corners, not quite hiding his own lack of sleep and worry.
“You’re enjoying this?” Disbelief colored my tone. He shrugged, smiled wider, and gripped my thighs. “You weren’t even trying to stop me.”
“You can do whatever you want to me when you’re naked, darlin’.”

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