May Monster Madness Day 4
Sarah Rodriguez… Aka: Wolfie, Alpha female of the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack
I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of Wolfie Blackheart. She came to light when accused of beheading a dog. Apparently she is into Taxidermy. She claims she would never hurt a dog because she is canine.
I find this interesting, only because I like strange stuff… I couldn’t stop watching the videos, but I guess you can make up your own mind. 
She likes human girls. I mean, is this her preferred type of meat? Didn’t sound like that was what she was saying. It is gigantic news to me that wolves can be lesbians, but you are who you are I suppose.
This video was the newest. As you can see her “pack” has grown. It even has a few males.
Wolfie getting all this attention has caused some kind of mass hysteria… as I was searching through videos, there are more and more teens claiming to be the lupine species.
For the record, I have nothing against werewovles. Or lesbians. Or teens searching for ways to fit in and feel accepted.

Hopefully, no animals were hurt during the shootings of these videos. Don’t forget about my giveaway and the other May Monster Madness participants! 

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