I was out and about (rare feat for this hermit) the other day with the A-Team. If you do not know the A-Team, well that is code for me, my mother, and three younger sisters. All of our names start with A.
Anyhoo, I was out with the A-Team and saw this lovely:
On the back of a little Honda. This gives me hope. LoL… there should be more of these people around.
Of course, all of their emergency supplies must have been in the trunk because there was nothing even remotely interesting or useful in the backseat/floorboards. 
Lot’s of things coming up to be excited about:
I have over 200 followers!!! YAY! *throws shiny confetti in celebration*
I am part of the Horror Blogger Alliance. *sprays silly string*
The Zombie Queen, Ashley, is holding her annual Zombie Craze *blows Kazoo* 
All things Zombie Lit. Yes, just in time for my own Zombie Lit debut. It is the great Fates at work on this one. Yes, I will be guest posting. I don’t know when… will keep everyone posted.  =)
All I know, there are lot’s of great Zombie Lit authors that will be stopping by. Check it out!
My very first blog hop as Hostess *lights bottle rocket, but it’s a dud*
Sign up! You do not have to be a horror blogger to participate! Linky Tool HERE!!!
Thank you to everyone that has signed up. It’s going to be awesome!!
You can sign up to win a Kindle Fire for a very sweet reason on Kharisma’s blog! *Jumps up and down, squeeing with joy*
Should I mention my release? Yeah, probably. My book, Taking on the Dead, will be available in April. To buy. And Read. It’s sinking in. I’m terrified. And excited. Is that possible? 
*Does happy dance?*
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