I just wanted to make everyone aware that I’ll be having plenty of incoming content on my site now! I’m adding several users for reviews (I’ll be doing reviews myself) and a YouTube channel my bestie and I are starting. I’m hoping for new posts sooner rather than later, but be looking for new people mid-December! And if you want to be on my team of reviewers, I’m still looking for a few people! Help Wanted!!

If you read dystopian, urban fantasy, horror, paranormal romance books and/or watch TV/Films in those genres and want to write about it on a high traffic blog, let me know ASAP!

Once we get established as a team and review site, compensation might be an option but it could be a while. You’ll get your own login and author profile right here on my site (your articles will not be under my name but your own). I’ll have a FB group for all my authors for easy communication. You don’t have to be experienced in reviewing or using WordPress. I’ll walk you through everything you need know and answer all your questions until you’re comfortable doing it yourself. I’ll require a posting twice a month but you can post as much as you’d like (within reason). All reviews should be posted here first for 48 hours before you post them to Amazon or Goodreads. If you’re interested, please fill out the contact form in this post and I’ll get back with you shortly.

Also be aware that I’m still going through old posts which might be why you see posts without a picture. Feel free to read old posts as they’re entertaining at times. If you see (**Post Edit 2017**) Then I’ve already been through it.

I’ll be adding affiliate links. This is to help pay for self hosting and the plethora of plugins I use to keep it safe and secure and now, BACKED UP. lol. If someone reviews a book and you’re interested in buying the Kindle addition, please consider using links available at the bottom of each post.

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