For my May Monster Madness post:

I just wanted to get a few things straight and give some news…

I have so much news and so many changes… where do I start?

I am super stoked and more than a little bit shocked at the response my cover reveal created. I am very happy there are so many of you impatiently awaiting The Famished Book One. I still can’t get over it.
If you missed the reveal, check out some of the response! Ashley, the Zombie Queen and my favorite Book Brunette, revealed the cover on her Zombie infested blog!

Every e-mail, every message, every tweet, every instant alert, every question makes my day extra special. Thank you for all the support and kind words! 
It all comes down to this question, “When is Taking on the Dead available and where can I buy it?”
BIG NEWS HERE ~~~> I have, for my own reasons, disbanded from my publisher. 
With that said, I am working my tushy off to get this book to you! Taking on the Dead is my first priority. I put all other writing projects on hold (the last four months of my life were not completely wasted). 
I have a fan-tabulous editor that I am working with, ONE on ONE. I am also doing some minor rewrites of my TotD manuscript. Here is the thing, I want it to be the best it can be before anyone reads it. I would rather push back the publish date than to just publish it.
MORE BIG NEWS ~~~> Since I will be self-publishing, my book WILL be available in print. There were a few people who asked me about getting it in print and of course I said, “It will be a while, if ever.” Well, now that it is no longer up to a publisher, I’m printing a month out from eBook release.
Now, the big question! When is the thing going to be published? I was hoping to have a specific date by now, but I don’t. I do know that I will tell you as soon as I know and it won’t be any later than this summer. 
I do plan on having a rockin’ book blog tour and major swag bags to go along with it. 
OTHER BIG NEWS ~~~> I am working on my own domain name with a brand new WEBSITE!! Yippy Skippy! I will still have my blog to post all my randomness on… it will just be attached to an awesome site!

If you haven’t added Taking on the Dead yet, you should!

It feels good to be moving forward, making things happen. 
Wicked Smiles and Bloody Bites,
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