Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post saying “This is all I’ll say about bad reviews.”

I lied. My bad, yo.

Seriously… Okay. That’s it. Enough! I’m so sick of the shit storm called “Goodreads Bullies.” There was recently an upcoming author that pulled her book from being debuted because she was attacked on Goodreads for asking why people were rating her book low before it was even published. Hmmm… GR is not for authors (And neither is the Amazon forums). Yes, there are many authors that take part on the site, but they know the risks they take. In my opinion, I think this author let herself be bullied. She engaged in it, said some nasty things herself… when that is a BIG, FAT NO NO!

I think the excuse for her behavior is she is a noob. Yep. For all you noobs, do your homework. Seriously, if your a writer, research should be second nature. YES, people will rate your book before it’s out. Hell, I think Controlling the Dead’s average is less than three stars right now, and it’s not published. I should check, but I don’t care because it’s not a true rating.


Dudes and Dudettes(authors),

These are just opinions. ONE person out of six BILLION! Okay, so maybe it’s more than one person. Grow some thick skin, would ya? I mean, come on… EVERYONE gets bad reviews whether you’re an author, a band, or a hand model for jewelry advertising… Geez! How dare that bitch have a scar on her thumb? She has man hands!!! She shouldn’t be modeling that cubic zirconia!

All right, maybe I’m not sensitive enough? WRONG! I have my share of bad reviews… and trust me, I’m going to get more.

Bad Things that have been said about Annie and Her Books:

1. Sexist– Yep. Apparently, I’m sexist for the descriptions of Rudy’s body, but the reviewer didn’t say one thing about how I describe hookers or Kan’s body for that matter. Go figure.

2. Dirty cash– because I’m rolling in the dough, laughing and driving my Porsche all the way to the bank instead of counting pennies for postage to mail swag to my readers. Oh yeah, I also publish a book every two months with the same plot. Oh wait… no, I don’t.

3. A love triangle! Too much romance!! Needs more balance!! A romance pretending to be a zombie novel!– Right. Because Kan constantly faps herself while daydreaming of Mac and Rudy tag teaming her (Thanks for this one, Larry). **For those of you who have not read my books, this is not true. Kan has better things to think about. I’m character driven and so is my writing, it’s natural for me to involve interpersonal relationships.

4. The author needs to read this genre before attempting to write in it. This person obviously has access to my bookshelves and Kindle and DVR and movies.

5. Amateur– God no! Not an amateur! It’s my tenth published book, not my first. How can you say this? :/

6. A Walking Dead rip-off! This one was like an OUCH. Big time. Not gonna lie. Probably because it’s completely untrue. My books were written way before The Walking Dead was on my radar… not to mention they aren’t anything like it.

I could really go on and on about my bad reviews… but I’m not, just making a point. I’ve never commented on anything to contradict what these people said, even though most of the things said are untrue and assumed. Opinion. That’s all it comes down to. I’ve read books I’ve HATED. No, I don’t go and tell my opinion to the world. Why? Because it’s not worth my time. If I don’t like a book, fine. It’s done… that’s all there is for me. But for other people, if they read a book they do not like, they feel their money and time has been wasted and pound their feelings through reviews. It’s their right. Even if it sucks. Deal with it.


Just because someone else does not like it, doesn’t mean others do not. Which brings me to my next point….

The good outweighs the bad. I write books I, myself, would read over and over. So, I know there are people with the same tastes. The many messages, tweets, emails, and forum posts that I get are so uplifting and heart-swelling. It’s amazing… so why am I going to let a few people who didn’t like my book get to me? Um, I don’t. I ignore it. I don’t engage or defend my work. People will take what they take out of it. Nothing you can do…

AND DO NOT, for the love of anything holy, engage in a Goodreads hate site!! That’s even worse. It makes you look bad, and really… you’re only fueling the fire. Leave it alone. Bad reviews hardly ever effect sales. You might lose a few, but at least those few won’t be writing another bad review in return.

Just sit in your little corner of the world and keep doing what makes you happy. Write. =)

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