The long wait is… ALMOST over. Haha.

Before I get started, I need to get something off my chest. Something I feel guilty about and bogs down my everyday life at the moment. As always, I’m struggling with the balance of life, writing, and graphic design. With that said, I’ve stopped graphic design completely unless it’s for myself. The truth is, I HATE it and I can’t believe I’ve let it control my schedule for so long. I’ve lost money over it. I’ve lost friendships. I’ve lost countless hours searching through stock and fonts. I’ve lost time with my family. I’ve lost time better spent writing. It’s tedious and painstaking. It’s gotten to the point where I LOATHE doing my own stuff, which is ultimately the reason I learned to do it in the first place. It’s just not worth it. So I’m sorry to the ones who’ve talked to me about book covers, websites, and graphics. I can’t do it. Not because I don’t want to help you, because I do and that’s what makes it hard for me to say no. BUT it’s taken up so much of my time, I’m depressed over it. I can’t stand letting people down, but it’s taken away much needed time on my writing and revisions. Not that I haven’t been productive with those things, it’s just those things haven’t been a part of my daily life for a while. AND THEY SHOULD BE. It’s what I love to do the most. I want to be publishing more than one book a year, and I have so much in the works in that area, it’s what I want my main focus to be on. Not only has it hindered my writing process, but also my reading! Gah! I’m in a weird downward spiral, and I need to pick myself back up… NOW! I’ve taken the steps to do so… I’m currently in a writing challenge, if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen some tweets. I plan on taking the challenge EVERY month until I’m back in the practiced habit of bringing on the muse as soon as my ass hits my office chair. The group is an awesome support system in which I severely lack. Wish me luck if you want, @theanniewalls!! I’m going to need it.


To the readers: I effin’ love you guys just as much as I love the month of October!! Not too long ago, I read some Amazon reviews of TotD and CtD, and I’m STILL speechless about the way I can grab your minds and take you for an enjoyable ride. Thank you. From the bottom of my cold, black heart. 😉



As part of a promo deal for The Famished, Taking on the Dead will be Kindle Select for 90 days within the next few days. This means it will be available for Kindle Unlimited. My apologies for any inconvenience on other platforms. It won’t be forever. Kindle Unlimited is just a way for me to reach readers I would not normally reach, and I have to do what’s best for that.

Also, I NEED YOU!! The readers of The Famished! During my promo, I will be doing another Reader Appreciation video interview. This isn’t NOT a contest. Every single person who asks a question will receive a signed bookmark… ask your questions here! Don’t forget, I do EVERYTHING myself… including mailing off swag and books. I usually wait until I have a butt load of stuff to mail, but I’ve signed up for home pickup for all my mailing needs! So no more waiting for me to trudge to the Post Office.

Until then, find your own machete!



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