Back to the old bump and grind. Grr. 
I’ve started off the New Year getting rid of old crap! Cleaning out the closets and junk drawers is quite uplifting, and well, cleansing. 
I’ve also made a BIG reading challenge for 2012 on Goodreads. 
200 books. That’s right, I will read my heart out. It’s honestly not a very big challenge for me (I’ve already read two, working on the third). A third of the 200 are books I’m anticipating for a 2012 publication. You can keep up with what I am reading, and how my challenge is going through my Bookshelf page or my Goodreads page. 
Yeah, Johnny 5. That’s me.
I got some cool loot for Christmas. Including books 1-7 of the Walking Dead. Yeah, my family loves me.
As for big news, well, I’m publishing this year. Early. I’m counting down the days of the next two weeks. If you can, send me some luck. Fingers crossed, salt thrown over your shoulder, whatever you can manage… and I will announce it when the time comes. =)
I hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays, however you celebrated… I, as always, enjoyed myself (maybe a little too much). 
I am going to keep enjoying myself by trying something new. I’m participating in the Shameless Blog Hop! Hehe… 
As you can see this isn’t just any blog hop. The participants on this blog hop are seriously shameless, and completely awesome. Some of these blogs are so shameless that they cannot participate in regular blog hops (that is super kick-ass, in my humble opinion). My blog is no where near as shameless as theirs are, but it does not mean I do not enjoy my shameless side. I do, more often than not. 
Why should I participate in this? Because I held nothing back when it came to the hero of my upcoming debut. Swoon inducing. Although, it is not the focus of my novels (You know? Zombies and all that, but I made it work). 
I’m sure I will come up with something cool and shameless worthy for this giveaway. 
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