First of all, the winner is picked for the Dangerous Alpha Hero Giveaway Hop!
Congrats, Elizabeth! You’ve been notified by email.
I want to thank each and every person that’s purchased Taking on the Dead. I’ve received tons of glowing reviews, emails, and messages. I’m super stoked that I can entertain, even for a little while.
With that said, I’ve also been asked about print and… the next book. Haha! Print takes a few weeks for proofs and all that. Not going to bore you with details, but it’s coming.
One thing I would like to throw out there… Would anyone be willing to pre-order a print copy from my site? Buying it through me will be cheaper than buying through Amazon. Also, if I know about how many want a copy, I’ll know how many to order myself. I can even sign it personalized style, if you wish.
If I get a good response, I might just make a pre-order page and payment will be taken via PayPal only. I would say it’s only for US, but if you’re willing to pay shipping cost, who am I to stop you?
As for the next book, rest easy because the trilogy is written. I’m hoping to have Controlling the Dead out by the end of the year. I will reveal the cover and synopsis at the same time in early November. However, I still have Taking on the Dead’s blog tour to get through. The schedule for that is HERE!!! I also have a ton of things planned for October. Not to mention, I’ll be on vacation next week.
We all know, especially the early readers of my blog, that October is my favorite time of the year. My blogger buddies probably feel a little neglected because I’ve been so busy with the release, I haven’t done any of my regular blogging. For months. I miss it, tremendously. I haven’t even decorated my house for Halloween, and that’s usually done by now. I also have the pile of laundry from Hell (demons included), but I won’t get into that one.
My October plans include guest posts on other blogs that have nothing to do with my book tour. I also have the Blogger Zombie Walk!!! I’m entering a few Halloween hops with goodies and prizes. So stay tuned!
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