I’m officially back to work this morning, surrounded by boxes and our contractor working around me, but I’m working so that’s what counts. My fingers actually feel kind of funny tapping the keyboard because it’s been approximately two months since I’ve written ANYTHING.

For those of you that follow me on FB know I’ve been in a grueling and stressful process of building a house and then moving into said house. The house was two months behind schedule (still is if I’m being honest). I can’t even begin to explain the things that have gone on… I just can’t, so if you’re planning on building a home… DON’T. Just go out and find a home that meets your checklist and buy it. Moving is already stressful enough without adding custom building into it, especially with today’s market and all the good subcontractors are booked up. Right now my contractor is working on fixing things a sub did wrong, so there ya go. It’s the little things, too… like how we spent the first two weeks without a stove because the first one was damaged.

Moving didn’t go so well either… it involved a lost U-Haul key inside of a packed U-Haul. Movers getting the schedule wrong, getting stuck in our ditch for four hours, a guy quitting on site, and then the truck driver not being able to back the truck in properly for another 45 minutes. My poor hubs was so mad that he’d been splashing cold water on his red-hot ears (lol) and then told the guys just to move everything, from our storage unit, in the garage… ON TOP OF EVERYTHING FROM OUR APARTMENT, OUR NECESSITIES. So just picture how my days have gone since then. Murphy’s law and all that.

Since we’re officially out in BFE, good internet is hard to come by, while we have unlimited data with Verizon Wireless’s MiFi, it’s slower than I’m used to… much slower. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to. BUT AT&T is making its way out here so that’s good news. Another thing is the post office. I went from one podunk PO to an EXTREMELY podunk PO. I noticed this when they wouldn’t deliver two packages to my front door. They marked them as undeliverable before they even ran the route! My mile long driveway is apparently daunting. Anyway, instead of getting pissed and throwing a tantrum, I took them some cookies and talked with them and made nice. Problem solved. Honey vs. Vinegar and all that. So hopefully when the time comes and I have zillions of packages going and coming, they’ll be a bit more cooperative. Because I HATED my last PO. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve lost due to books being lost or not being delivered. I even had one instance of sending three books in one package and only two arrived (I stopped sending by media mail after that happened).

My family also just got some devastating news. A member very close to us, young and seemingly healthy, was just diagnosed with widespread cancer. We’re all at a loss as more tests and information comes in. Trying to process this is beyond what words can describe. Our love for this guy knows no bounds, so it’s a very surreal situation at the moment. In order to keep some semblance of privacy, I’m not going to say more about it. I just thought I should mention it as it gives some perspective into my daily life.

Now on to things like when am I going to be publishing books. As soon as possible. Since my mind has been focused on other things, I need to do some rereads first, starting with Ink Slapped, I know there was one issue I needed to fix in it before it’s off to the editor (and geez I can’t even think about the date because my timeline for that was March 20. It’s June 26th, you guys. JUNE). This was right around the time when we figured out things were not going our way (we lost a rate that will cost us $$$$ over the life of our mortgage… like enough for some of my son’s college education). I’m not going to dwell… if I do, I won’t get anything done. After that, I can put all my focus on Kan and the gang.Better late than never, and I know some of you have been waiting a long time. *years* I know.

It’s coming, you guys. Thanks for being patient.


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