Announcing another unique blog hop, hosted by Jolie du Pre at Precious Monsters!

This hop allows authors and readers to share novellas they have written or read. Click the badge to get the official rules and sign up linky! 

May Monster Madness is growing like a slow spreading disease. Love. It. 

There are still 10 days before the sign up linky closes! 

All of you bloggers with a little love for the SCARY, this is the perfect opportunity to get some traffic to your blog and make new friends!!! So, click the link and sign up!!! =)

In other SHINY, FUN news:

I’ve also made a new friend in the horror blogging community! 

Tyr Kieran is a horror author and blogger. He shares his horror stories on his site! For free! I LOVE free reads!! His stories are also interactive, splattering new segments all over social media! So, be sure to follow and keep an eye on him.

Today, Tyr is hosting me as a guest on his blog! =D

Of course, it features a scene from Taking on the Dead! 

To check it out and more on Tyr and where to find him go HERE!!

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