So I’ve been hitting up a coffee brew called “hyper bean” the past couple of days because the grocery store is a chore I hate. Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense. If I can get the convenience store coffee, surely I can take a trip to the grocery. I’m just practicing for when I get out into the country is all. Miles and miles away from civilization.

Anyway, today I’m going to ramble about my Famished Trilogy characters because their story is coming to an end and I will miss them greatly. This is a true bittersweet thing for me because even though Kan and Rudy and the gang won’t be at the forefront of my mind any longer, I have other characters I’m excited to introduce you to… characters you’ll love just as much if not more. Seems impossible now but just wait until you meet Taylor, Eli, Crockett, Rylie, Silas, Alec…. Drew… if you loved Mac, you’re going to LOVE Drew.

I’ve been busy doing stuff. Important stuff. Mainly working on Living with the Dead and its book trailer and edits for Bailing Out into the Dead. BOitD will be published (in just a few short weeks) and I’ve expanded some scenes and whatnot, so if you’ve had the pleasure of being inside Rudy’s head before, it might be worth it for you to snag this newer, better, revised, and EDITED version. =D I mean, it’s really hard not to love this dude, even when he’s being an ass, or selfish, or impatient, or doing shit that doesn’t make sense to you just yet… And he is all of these things. It’s taken quite a bit of work for the story arch to be a story arch. BOitD was the first story I wrote in a WattPad style, publishing chapter by chapter on my site while people were waiting on Controlling the Dead to be published. I wasn’t going to publish. It just wasn’t something I was interested in doing, but I think it’d be a great way for you to be reintroduced to the famished world. (Plus I’ll have quite a bit of Living with the Dead snuck in at the end).

Now the reason for this post… I made a short (okay, long) list of my BAD author habits, and one I can do something about is updating my site/blog more often. I went on a frantic search for a guest post I did BACK IN THE DAY. When authors did blog tours, interviews, and guest posts on Book Blogs. Do they still do that? I mean, quite a few of the blogs I was featured on are no longer in existence. What the hell is that about? I totally blame Facebook and their competitive status with Amazon on who will take over the world first (It’s a tie between the two, IMO). Anyway, I was going to link all my old stuff for newer readers who don’t know any behind the scenes secrets I’ve spilled on my famished world.

One of those posts, I explain why I named Kan, Kansas City Sunshine.

Mainly because there are people who complain about stupid things like names of characters.


Seriously, do people think I pulled that out of my ass? Even I couldn’t make that up. That credit goes to my MOTHER, but it’s not just Kan’s name, I’ve seen countless reviews about the names of characters. And why do readers complain about names? So what? I mean, people are allowed not to like things. I don’t like things. I don’t like a lot of things, but something as petty as a fictional character’s name? Pfft. Not worth my time to even think about not liking it. And if I do find a name a bit odd, I always think that it must be something special for the author. An author can name their character whatever the hell they want and I gave the unfortunate name my mother ALMOST bestowed upon me to Kansas.

Yep, my mother wanted to name her first born, that’s me, Kansas City Sunshine… she wanted to be able to shorten it to KC or call me Sunshine whenever she wanted. She was young and had other people telling her, “No! Don’t name your child that!” But I’ve ALWAYS wondered what my life would’ve been like if she’d gotten her way, so… there ya go. And I wrote a whole guest blog post about it, which is gone now.

Readers have complained about Rudy’s name before, too. He was named after the dyslexic Norte Dame football player, Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. Rudy was a film I watched over and over as a preteen. Not sure why, but I think because I admired everything he went through and everything he overcame to make his dreams come true. But Rudy’s name is Rudolph — I stuck in there as a joke because let’s be honest, that’s quite an unfortunate name. It’s fun to have Kan tease him about it. Plus, it STANDS OUT.

Other names like Reece (Reese’s Peanut Butter), Glinda (The Good Witch) are still names I put thought into. Yeah, my characters have names AND nicknames, but isn’t that a normal “real life” thing? I guess it’s just ingrained in me. I’ve been called Annie my whole life, but it’s not on my birth certificate, my driver’s license, my carry permit, passport or any other legal government issued documentation… maybe it’s a southern thing, but it’s common and completely normal for me (I’ve come to learn in my adult life that my normal isn’t what others would think of as normal). I call my youngest sister, Amelia, Mimi. She’s always been my Mimi and she’ll always be my Mimi. What if I wanted to name a character after her? I GUARANTEE someone would be all like…

And then I’d be all like…

I have a grandmother who everyone calls Honey. That’s my Honey. I could go on and on here. I have a grandfather who says, “Never go by your legal name and no one can rat you out.” LMAO. I’m not joking. He has a point if you think about it. I’ve never been down and dirty enough to need a pseudonym for that kind of thing. But my point is, names are powerful. They need to stand out.


Hey, Tallahassee, there’s got to be Twinkies in that store somewhere! Grab me some coffee while you’re at it.

Look at some of the most memorable character names: Tallahassee, Ripley (And NEWT!), Indiana Jones, Snake Plissken, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield, Buffy Summers, Hannibal Lector, Luke Skywalker, Marty McFly, Rocky Balboa, Keyser Soze, Napoleon Dynamite, Sookie Stackhouse, Dr. Frank N. Furter, Huckleberry Finn, The Dude Lebowski… the list goes on (But feel free to name your own). Not all memorable characters have weird names, that’s right, but it just makes them even more memorable, IMO.


Oh, Snake… You know I consider pointing a gun at me foreplay.

Characters should be named something special. You wouldn’t name your children without some kind of thought put into it. I’m definitely not sorry you won’t find my character names on the “Epic Names for your Badass Baby” list. I’m not going to stop just because someone won’t like it. If I did that, I’d never do anything. Just know that when you see an odd name, most likely, they’re aren’t pulled from thin air. There’s usually a story behind it and if you ask nicely, I might tell you. 😉

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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