I’ve been thinking about reviews lately. I’m starting to receive reviews from advanced readers… all legit book bloggers that either wanted to review Taking on the Dead from the get go, or blogs I have found along the way. They don’t take money for reviews, nor do they over hype what they read. They are honest. You can read them HERE!!
As the BIG day draws near, I’m more anxious than ever to release it into the world. This also means, I’m more anxious to market it. For indie authors, this means reviews. 
Reviews are tricky things. There are many sites that will take money for a review. I came across one the other day wanting 12 dollars per review. No thanks. I’ll pass. Why? Well, because there are many reviewers that will do it for free and honestly out of love for reading. Not to make money.
This is a great article on Money for Reviews. It talks of a review site that, alas, the domain is no longer in commission. Go figure. 
Anyway, my problem here is the fact that some really good book blogs won’t review indie books. Why? Well, I don’t really know. Could be the fact that people will publish anything. Could be that when they are truly honest, an author gets hostile. 
Before I continue, if you get hostile over someone’s opinion, then you probably shouldn’t be publishing. I guarantee you, word of your temper tantrums will spread quicker than your book, creating a bad name for yourself. AND other indie authors, indie authors that respect peoples opinions and know they are not perfect, unable to PLEASE everyone. *rant over*
When looking at reviews on distribution sites (Amazon, B&N) or book sites (Goodreads, Shelfari) here are some things to look for in an honest review:
– How long has the reviewer been a member of the site? Chances are if the reviewer seems anonymous, and has only been a member the same day as writing the review… it’s staged for a nefarious reason. Even if the review is good or bad. If there is a clear name and they review all the time, then look at this:
– What are the average ratings of the reviewer? ALL sites tell an average rating. If one gives all “one star” reviews, if they constantly trash books for dumb reasons, then most likely that could be someone’s alias just for bad reviews for the wrong reasons. If one gives all “five star” reviews, how is this being honest? An honest reviewer will have a weird rating between 3 stars and 4 stars. No one likes or dislikes EVERYTHING they read.
That’s about it… I mean, use your common sense. But please, never judge a book by how it’s published. Judge by the story.
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