Zombie Santa is coming to town!

Okay, so I’ve been finding all these great things… and I just have to share! I’ve been working on a Holiday gift guide post for Creepmas 2011. I will still do this post, but I’ve been finding cool zombie stuff. I decided they need a post of their own! =D

I do admit, all of these things are on my own wish list.


Zombie USB Flash Drive
Yes, keep all of your photo’s and doc’s on your very own zombie! Buy it HERE!
Plush Zombies
Aren’t they cute? Buy them for your little zombie lover’s here at THINK GEEK!
Dismember me Plush Zombie
Stressed out? Now you can find some relief by tearing this sucker apart. Your own zombie you can dismember and put back together! I found him at Zombie and Toys! Make it more fun by pinning a picture of your boss on the face.
Remote Controlled Zombie
Who does not want a remote controlled zombie? Hide him anywhere to scare anyone! I found him at Zombie and Toys!
Zombie Jim Apocalypse iPhone Skin
I found this at Zazzle! Zazzle also offers other awesome zombie skins!
Zombie Bowling Ball Heads!
These are a must have for any bowler. If you are not a bowler, that’s okay because it would be cool just to have zombie heads rolling around. I found these at Dude I Want That.
Zombie Garden Gnomes
These are hand painted and are becoming more and more popular. I first came across the guy that makes them on Facebook, and he sells them on Etsy!
Zara the Zombie Doll!
She is perfect for any zombie dolly collector! These cuties are handcrafted by Emma from Little Gothic Horrors, and are available on Etsy! Don’t worry, Zara’s mouth is sewn shut so she will not bite! Emma makes other dolls worthy of my Creepmas 2011 gift guide list. She is also a participant in Creepmas 2011.
Zombie Chucks!
These are pricey. Only because they are hand-painted by Punk Your Chucks! If you wear Chuck Taylor’s, you know how long they last, and there is nothing better than a worn out pair of Converse. Don’t like the zombie painted on them? Submit your own designed zombie or anything. You can even put your own face on them if you want.
Zombie Hair Accessories!
 These neat hair decorators are handmade by Creepy Glowbug Concoctions, and are sold on Etsy. This creepy Glowbug makes all kinds of cute, dark, creepy art. She is a participant in Creepmas 2011. Be sure to check her out.
The Urban Bone Machete!
This gift is the ultimate boat floater, Twinkie creamer, camel humper… oh, nice. Hehe, camel humper. I’ll have to use that again, but you get my drift… this gift is awe-inspiring. I imagine myself as Mike Myers from Wayne’s World. When I look upon this blade it has a golden-blue aura, and the angels are singing from heaven. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
Anyway, these blades are handmade by blade-smiths at Zombie Tools! They are the real deal, made for slicing through flesh and bones. You can buy this one here! They have an assortment of blades to choose from for your preparation of the apocalypse. They even handcraft hand guards for them. Worth checking out. They also sell awesome T-shirts, stickers, etc… with a Fist Full of Fuck Yeah!
This is their Calendar for 2012. Yeah, I know… they kick ass.
Horror Coffee Mug!
I know this isn’t a zombie themed gift, but it couldn’t wait! I LOVE this thing! Besides, I already have a zombie coffee mug. This mug features cute little pictures of Michael Myers, Pinhead, Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. If you would like to buy it for me, oops. I mean, if you would like to buy it or get a better look, go to Zazzle!
Rob Zombie Official Voo-Doo Doll
For those of you who haven’t read my blog before, it’s obvious, I heart Rob. All I can say about this gift is I want, I want, I want. See, I was so excited that I almost forgot to put up a linky. You can get it at the Halloweentown Store.
Phew! I should get commission.
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