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I am stunned. Really. I am. What an amazing group of people on my follower list! The following greatly exceeded my expectations! I will do all the random numbers for the giveaways the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 2nd. Everyone has until tonight to enter in all three.

At midnight, the only one still available to enter is the Zompocalypse. You will have until tomorrow at midnight, then all three will be closed.

I’m super excited about Halloween. I’m all ready with my witchy hat and stockings. My pumpkins are ready, front porch decorated, scary music docked, and the chili is simmering! I can’t wait to hand out candy to all the spooks, roast some marshmallows, and watch a few horror flicks.

I took a picture of my zombie pumpkin scene. I had not used Vaseline on them b/c I wanted them to dry out for a more zombie-like effect. It was also why I made them so early in the month. Here they are:

They turned out great! If you like them please vote for them on Durango’s Facebook wall, so I can win a pair of boots!!

Halloween read: This past week, I have been reading Zombiekins by: Kevin Bolger, to my 5 year old, Gage. Zombiekins has his own website! Check it out!

I actually came across this book from another blogger, who reviewed it as part of a Zombie Blogger Walk. I decided to check it out, for my son, I swear. I wasn’t disappointed, and neither was Gage. We both loved it, and enjoyed all the pictures. It’s about a boy, Stanley, who finds this weird stuffed animal at a yard sale. Zombiekins starts to wreak havoc at his school. It’s really a fun read, even if you do not have children, but it is a children’s chapter book. The author really did a good job with all of the creative names for the adult characters in the book. There were some things I laughed at, that my son didn’t understand. It was way too cute. I can’t wait to read “Sir Fartsalot Hunts The Booger.”

Halloween Treat:
Candy Popcorn Balls!

These are a favorite in my house! Every year I use a different candy. All you need are:
 3 bags of popcorn, popped. I use buttery kettle corn. 
A 10 oz bag of marshmallows. 
A candy of your choice. I have here Reece’s Pieces. You can also use candy corn, halloween colored M&M’s, etc. 
-Pick out all kernels, melt marshmallows (Coat spoon, bowl, hands with cooking spray. Trust me)
-Immediately mix together popcorn and melted marshmallow.
– Add Candy. Hint: After mixing, let cool for a few before adding candy (you don’t want your candy to melt!)
-Coat hands with cooking spray and shape into balls!
-Let set on wax paper and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!!!!
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