When will Living with the Dead be released?

Jan 2018, CLICK HERE TO PREORDER ON KINDLE A BIG THANK YOU to all for being patient with me while my life’s been in limbo. Love you guys! <3!

Order of your books?

-Taking on the Dead

-Controlling the Dead

-Living with the Dead

Is the Famished Trilogy suitable for teens?

– There’s a warning on my books of graphic violence, naughty language, drug use, and sexual situations. I can’t tell you if you think it’s suitable for your teen. I was reading Anne Rice at thirteen. It’s all about individual maturity. I don’t market them as YA and never will. The main protagonist is a 24 y/o woman who is emotionally under-developed from spending so much time by herself. All I can say is read it yourself first.

Do you have any future books planned?

– Yes, I’m writing another dark fantasy right now. Empathic Disturbances. It’ll be a series of four to five books. I also have a pen name where I publish adult contemporary.

I’m looking for Bailing Out into the Dead, where is it?

-BOitD is being revamped for PUBLICATION. Available NOW: Click Here!

What do you like to read?

-I LOVE Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Thrillers, Horror, True Crime, some Paranormal Romance (as long as the plot overshadows the romance), some Epic Fantasy, and rarely Contemporary Romance. My love for UF is why the Famished reads like UF. All of my books will read like UF because I like the different elements, world building, and subplots.

Why has The Famished Trilogy taken so long?

-I wrote the whole trilogy in less than 6 months with all books over 100,000 words each. Each book has taken longer to revise than the next. When I revised Taking on the Dead I switched it from past perfect to present tense. I had to do this with all the books… and then the plot changed, which means book two changed, and so did book three. During revisions of book three, I had to FIX a lot of problems with it that stemmed from the first two book changes. It was overwhelming and DAUNTING at times, and there were days when I almost tossed the whole trilogy to the wind. Remember these books are my first public publications and I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I’ve also learned from them. Like, right now (Feb 2017), book two for Empathic Disturbances is queued for drafting and I WILL NOT start on it until I’m finished revising the first. It’ll probably save me a lot of the headaches I had with Living with the Dead.

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