Best Movie I watched:

Seven Psychopaths

 This should surprise…NO ONE.

I would LOVE to have my own Jack of Diamonds writing brainstorming partner. Bwahaha! Come on Billy, I need some inspiration, go kill someone.

 Best Book I read:


By Joyce Carol Oates

No, this book is not about zombies. I LOVE bookn books are character driven) and this one happens to be in a serial killer perspective. Quentin P reminds me a lot of Jeffery Dahmer and the writings of Poppy Z. Brite. Zombie doesn’t really bring anything ‘new’ to the serial killer outlook, but

I felt dirty and in dire need of a shower when I was done, so the author did what she set out to do. I am looking forward to reading everything else Joyce Carol Oates has written.

This book also gave me a HUGE reprieve from the contemporary romance that dominates the indie publishing community right now.


Hardest thing I did:

I had a REALLY hard time posting Rudy’s story. Originally, I wasn’t going to share it or let anyone know I had it. Personally, I’m not a fan at seeing through another perspective and I wanted his thought process to stay a mystery. I’m glad I did finally go for it, even though I was a complete wreck the first day I did.


Words Written:

I’m guesstimating this one. Probably around 35,000 ‘new’ words. I’ve been in revisions, so writing anything new is hard.


Big events:

  • Super Bowl- I didn’t particularly care for this one. Only the football squares kept me interested in the score. Oh, and the blackout was pretty spiffy.

 Did you really think I was going to let this recap pass by without including Tom Hardy? Right.

  • An asteroid passing at a whopping 17,000 miles close to earth. Uh, that is way too close for comfort.


  • The cover and blurb reveal for Controlling the Dead! Huge success. =D
  • Taking on the Dead in print. ‘Nuff said.
  • First three chapters of Bailing Out into the Dead published for the first time. REALLY big success!


Favorite meme:

Favorite thing said to me:

“You make your stories very intricate and really pull a reader in. You’re an amazing story teller. I doubt you drop the ball.”

 Facebook Profile Picture:

LOL! I might keep this one for a little while longer.

Epic Valentine:

 This Month’s High Stat Keyword Search:

annie walls

taking on the dead

taking on the dead famished trilogy

who mows grass in walking dead

zombie pillow pet

handsome leatherface (what u talkin’ ’bout Willis? This was only once, but I thought it was funny.)


What to expect in March:

Controlling the Dead print cover. I know, I know… you’ve already see the cover, BUT you haven’t seen the back. =)

Bailing Out into the Dead gets a cover and blurb by popular demand.

My very first book signing!! I hope to meet you!


St. Patty’s Day

New site locale and MAYBE a new design. We’ll see. Depends on if I get some extra time to delve into it.

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