I’ve always loved apocalyptic books, movies and TV shows, but with the very first episode of The Walking Dead, I was hooked. I became obsessed with zombies. Shortly after this viewing I received a kindle from my husband as a birthday gift and discovered zombie novels. These two new addictions opened a whole realm of entertainment.

It was my delight early in this journey, I found Taking on the Dead, which I devoured. While I waited for more from Annie, my amazon search left me with many more amazing zombie series. I’d like to share them with you. I have many favorites so it was hard to limit this post to just a few.  These series are not in any particular order. While I did like some more than others, usually my favorite is the one I was currently reading. I do love each of them. So lets begin.

  •  The Zombie Fallout series by Mark Tufo

The main character of these books has a way of finding trouble without even trying. His name is Mike Talbot. The series follows him and his wife, Tracy, their 3 teenager, and their English Bulldog, Henry. They rescued a young man, Tommy who at first appears to have a mental handicap, but his story goes way deeper than you would first expect.  He has been alive 500 years even though he appears in his early 20’s.  One of my favorites is an evil old lady, Deneaux, who is a chain-smoking sharp-shooter, who becomes part of their group when their apartment complex is being over run by zombies. BT is a huge giant of a man that has physical attributes of a bull becomes like a brother to Mike, rounds out this group of heroes. Other characters include Mike’s childhood friend Paul and his wife, Tripp who is just what his name implies and his wife and a cast of others.

Now for the twist to Zombie Fallout, because running for your life in a zombie infested world isn’t enough. Being a rebellious, smartassed, defiant man who Mike is, he manages to make a mortal enemy of an ancient, very powerful vampire.  If that isn’t enough of a twist, this vampire queen, Eliza is Tommy’s sister.  Since Eliza had been feeding from the infested people before they became undead, she can control the zombies. Can you think of anything scarier that a vampire that is infested with the zombie virus?

There are 10 books available in this series at this time and talk of a TV series. (Note from Annie: I love this series).

  • As The World Dies series by Rhiannon Frater.

This series has one of my favorite scenes of any of book I have ever read. I happens early into the first book. It has the tiny fingers of children zombies, reaching under the bathroom door. Who hasn’t had a kid or animal do this at some time, minus the zombie thing that is?  It has been several years since I read this but that chapter still haunts me.

Two women meet early into the zombie outbreak and become steadfast friends. They journey across country until they happen upon a safe, walled community in rural Texas and become cornerstones of the town.  Both have lost their families and friends and turn to each other to fill these voids.  This book reinforces my belief that family doesn’t have to be blood.
This is a true kick-ass zombie series with 5 books currently to this story. Two of these are short stories that are back lives of the characters.  Great writing, awesome characters and amazing stories.

  • The Mountain Man series by Keith Blackmore.

These books follow a lovable drunk that fumbles his way through the zombie world and survives by luck as much as skill.  Gus, starts drinking to ease the pain of losing everything he knows from the zombies.  He finds a house that is easy to defend and stockpiles supplies, a lot of which is alcohol.  He  is also obsessed with finding toilet paper.  Gus has a great set up with solar power and wood heat, but he is lonely.  He trust the wrong people at times.

Other perks to this story is that there is a serial killer, dangerous supply runs, friendships, a monster van and a surprising twist. I found myself rooting for this underdog, Gus repeatedly. If you love zombie novels this series is a do not miss.

There are 5 novels and 1 novelette to this series and I really hope more will come later.

  • Until The End Of The World series by Sarah Lyons Fleming.

Cassie and her two best friends are working when the zombies first become apparent.  They must escape the city, New York, to the cabin that Cassie inherited from her survivalist parents. There are several tag-a-longs who Cassie and her friends are forced to protect along the way, just because they are that kind of people.  One of which is Cassie’s ex-boyfriend, a real douche, but I will let you learn to hate him for yourself.

There are 3 novels and a novelette with the primary characters. Plus 2 more novels with cross over characters. Totally worth the read with fantastic characters and story line.

  • The Zombie Ascension series by Vincenzo Bilof.

The zombie apocalypse starts in a bizarre way in this series.  It starts with a porn movie.  Yes I said it, but you will have to read it to find out how  this could happen.  These books have an array of non-traditional characters. My favorite is mercenary, Vega that has a religious, guilt complex, but she is a total bad-ass. There is a ex-special ops guy that has turned serial killer, will caused me nightmares. A most unlikely hero is ghetto, gang leader that deals in guns and drugs. There is the ex-cop turn private detective, the porn star, the ghetto child that haunts Vega, a lawyer and his junkie brother.

This takes place in Detroit and the writer has a poetic way with words that almost makes even the most gory scene sound beautiful. When he describes the blood running in the streets, it is memorable.  Another perk to this book for me was that I got to be a character is the second book of this series. Yes the characters was a very small part, but it was thrilling to read, knowing that she was loosely based on info about me that I gave the author.  Even without this, the series is captivating and the author is very impressive.

This series is a trilogy. I wish there were more.

There are many, many more that will be the focus of future post, but these are just the first that come to mind.  I hope this adds insight to zombie series that you may not have read.  I am very excited to be a part of this blog.  I look forward to the next post.

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