Hey all! 
I’m gearing up for Controlling the Dead’s blog tour. Yep! It’s that time, even though it’s still a little ways out. In order for me to plan the tour and make it stand out from all the rest, I need something from you guys!

Your questions! Yep, I’ll be doing a Fan Interview Vlog answering whatever you ask!
This is a pretty big deal to me. I’m not much on public speaking (there’s a reason I write reclusive, disconnected, and reserved characters so well). BUT since I cannot make it around the county for a signing tour, or around the world for that matter, this is what I’m going to do…
I’m putting out a GRAND PRIZE for best question asked of a signed copy of Controlling the Dead AND a shout out to you in the acknowledgments section of the book (This is optional. If you do not want me to name you, I won’t).

I’m also drawing up limited edition swag for this contest ONLY. Meaning if you win this swag, you’ll be one of the few to have and behold. Yeah, I know… whoopie! Right? Well, it’ll contain some of my own original artwork featuring character drawings. I’m working on these right now for some special graphics for my new website. For the rest of the questions I choose to answer, the person that asked them will receive some of this “special” swag. Hopefully, this will be incentive enough to ask me a question.

Since the video can only last around 8-10 minutes, please submit your best! It can be about anything… me, Taking on the Dead, Bailing Out into the Dead or anything in general regarding The Famished Trilogy, upcoming works… whatever you want to know. 
This contest is international and you may ask one question per day. =) Fill out the Rafflecopter below!
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