Hey everyone,
The fan interview contest is over!! I have to say, I’m nervous to make this video, but I’ll try not to have too many awkward pauses or facial expressions… I know, I know… I might end up sounding like this:
Anyhoo, my video will go live on July 15th with Liz at Fictional Candy. I’ll show everyone the graphics and swag that will be coming coming your way and announcing the winner. =)
I don’t have to tell you guys how fantastic your questions are.
As promised, when I upped the ante, everyone who asked a question will get some SNAIL MAIL!
If you submitted a question, please send your name, your name you used for rafflecopter and mailing address to my email.
If you don’t I’ll still contact you, but if you have a minute… please do make it easier on me.
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