I’ve been informed the world is ending this year. I haven’t just been informed… it’s been known, but I wanted to blog about the impending doomsday. Honestly, I’m a wee bit tired of hearing about it.
Doomsday can be broken down like this:
People who take advantage of it, instill fear.
People who fear it, skirt around the issue.
People who don’t believe it, make jokes.
Last but not least, the people who don’t care either way. *ahem* *raises hand slowly*
There is an exact date. December 21, 2012.
First thought: Wow.
Second thought: I haven’t even started my bucket list.
Third thought: I wonder how many people are going to make money off this.
Fourth thought: Well, it was suppose to end with the Rapture, right? I remember waking up thinking I was surrounded by nonbelievers, but I live in the Bible Belt.
Fifth thought: Oh well.
Do I think this will happen? No, because according to people throughout history, the world has been ending for thousands of years.
Doomsday Humor:
My point being: No one knows. Get over it. Live your life. Be Happy.
No point in dwelling because there’s nothing you can do about it.
For more information on Doomsday, the History Channel runs program after program on the subject. **Post Edit 2017. The world didn’t end.
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