We all watch them. Horror flicks featuring creatures that we are left guessing what the hell they are. I’ve extended a list for your enjoyment. Please do feel free to add to it! Let’s see what everyone can come up with.

Jeeper’s Creepers
If you can tell me what this guy is, please do. I guess he ate a variety of things to turn out this way. Did he eat one of these:

This dilophosaurus’ features were made up for Jurassic Park, By the way.

The Blob
This blob sucks up everything it touches… so, what is it?
The movie claims he is a demon, but I have my doubts.
The Descent
Right. They live in the dark, eat people, and have no senses but hearing.
Swamp Thing
I suppose the name says it all. He kind of resembles an uncle of mine.
The Host
I wouldn’t say this thing got beat with the ugly stick, but he did fall down the ugly tree hitting every branch on the way down. I guess he is some sort of Lochness monster, but even then, we don’t know what it is exactly.
The Thing
Hmmm. Got me here. I’m completely confused. The thing is supposed to be an alien, but to me it looks like a giant spider.
Last, but not least, and certainly my favorite:
It might be disguised as a child eating clown named Pennywise, but in the sewers he is all of the creatures above rolled into one. That makes him the best creature, ever.
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