I’m still not sure why Black Friday is still a big deal. It’s such a big deal that it actually starts on Thursday the day before in the late afternoon. LATE AFTERNOON people! Come on. I’m so full, half drunk, and so focused on Cards Against Humanity with my family that shopping is the absolutely last thing on my mind. I think even if I did like shopping on a normal day, I still wouldn’t go out on Black Friday. The way I see it, you pay for those deals with high blood pressure and wasted gasoline from sitting in traffic. I’ve gotten around two hundred emails from companies telling the latest and greatest deal they’ve come up with to get me to spend money. Sorry Pier1, I’m broke AF because I give all my money away to people who need it more than me. I know it’s Black Friday. Everyone knows. Even people who don’t live in America knows it’s Black Friday. I don’t need a thousand emails to tell me so. It’s just getting ridiculous.

Anyway, if you like shopping? Awesome. I hope you’re getting lots of fantastic deals no one else can get any other time of the year. Because there are days after Black Friday that you can get the SAME DEALS. I even bought a pair of booties from Belk from their “Black Friday” specials on Wednesday night at 8. For more info on this craze, here’s an article. This article even references Romero’s, Dawn of the Dead. Consumerism. Zombism… that line is practically blurred. **Edit. I can’t stand when things try to tell me what to do. For example, right now my SEO plugin is trying to tell me to write more in this post because there isn’t enough content. PFFFT!

In the meantime, I’ll just wait for Cyber Monday when I can shop in the buff if I want and keep giving my unsolicited opinions.


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