Yesterday, I took the time and watched American Horror Story.

It had premiered last Wednesday night. (For all the peeps in the UK, it premiere’s Nov. 7th, I found out from someone on FB). The commercials made me skeptical. I watched it anyway, and was very surprised. I liked it so much, I made my husband watch it last night. Usually, he doesn’t like watching stupid horror stuff with me. Not his thing, we found out a long time ago. I’m not saying he doesn’t like horror, but if it is cheesy, cheap, and stupid, he’d be like, “What do you have me watching?” Haha, but the American Horror Story, even he liked.

The creep factor is high, and FX does a really good job of walking a fine line of it being made for TV and being rated R. At one point, the young maid is doing herself and then Ben Harmon, played by Dylan McDermott, gets butt naked and does himself too. I really couldn’t believe they put it on TV. I don’t think FX has ever showed that much of Jax Teller, much to my and every other females dismay.

He is no Jax.
Anyway, The show starts off with the Harmon family moving to Los Angeles after some rough patches to start anew. Ben, Vivien, and Violet (their daughter, who has some issues herself) Ben is a psychiatrist, who starts seeing patients in their creepy new home.

One of the patients, is a teenage boy, Tate, played by Evan Peters. We know him from assorted TV shows, KiCk-Ass, and An American Crime. Tate quickly becomes friends with Violet and helps her with a bully in the basement of the house. The incident making you think there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. Not to mention, he is Looney! With a capitol L. This kid also wear a shirt that says, “Normal people scare me.” Loved it.

Another creepy thing, is the neighbor, Constance, played by Jessica Lange. Golden Globe winner, and several nominations. We’ve seen her leading roles in lots of movies. One thing about this show, it has a great cast. Anyway, Constance has a daughter with down syndrome, that has an unhealthy obsession with the house. She is creepier than anyone in the show, including rubber man. Constance is also creepy, b/c she shows up out of no where, is a clepto, and just all around says the weirdest shit, that even gives me a run for my money.

Alright, the maid. Moira is an old woman played by Frances Conroy. We all know her as Ruth from Six Feet Under, which is still one of my favorite shows today. Anyway, she shows up telling Vivien about all the other house occupants before, and how she cleaned house for them all. Vivien doesn’t mind the help, but when Ben comes in and meets her, he sees a completely different person. A young Moira, in a french maid outfit. She is played by Alexandra Breckenridge. We see her in True Blood as Katrina, the spy for Vampire Bill. She uses her wiles to try and seduce Ben, Violet walks in on them and sees her father with the old maid. CREEPY! I thought it was funny though. So, the question is, what is up with the maid? I’m not saying anymore though, you’ll have to watch it.

The old Moira.
Moira Junior? Haha.
Another guy shows up and tells Ben his family is in danger if he doesn’t get out of the house. Larry Harvey is played by Denis O’Hare. We all know him as Russell Edgington, the crazy vampire King of Mississippi, that killed someone on national TV in True Blood. Anyway, Larry has burns on 70% of his body from burning/killing his family in the house. He is only out of jail because he has brain cancer. The thing is, Ben has been sleep walking and is attracted to fire while doing it.
Last but certainly not least, the rubber man. All I can say is, what the hell?

Intrigued? You should be. Let us hope that this show lasts, because I love it. Just for that reason, it won’t make it to season 2. The second episode is on tonight at 9/10 central. If you missed the first, it is On Demand Comcast or you can stream it in through sidereel, or watch it on If you have seen the show let me know what you think about it! (**Post edit 2017. This show fizzled out for me during Freakshow. While AHS continues to have AWESOME Promos and absolutely NO SHOW on TV can compete with their intros, the writers just don’t know how to handle the plots. I mean, I love weird but the shit has to make some sense, you guys. Dear AHS, BRING BACK TWISTY!!!! And rethink his horrible doofus background. Thanks, Annie)

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