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Author of dark fantasy and sub-genres of horror. Voracious Reader and Googler. Lover of dark humor. Horror Buff. Zombie Apocalypse Enthusiast. Pinterest Addict. Wife of adoring husband. Mother of a six year old Bruce Wayne. Cook. Maid. Kisser of boo-boos. Ultimate Time Waster. Perfect Procrastinator. Lolly Gagger. Trubie. Cake Decorator. Tea Drinker. Sculpey Sculptor. Girl Gamer. Perfectionist in the art of Facebook stalking. And, God help me, a blogger. Oh yeah, and a twitter, twatter, tweeter. I’m one crafty bitch.
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  1. chree donaldson

    When is the 3rd book from the Famished series going to be out??? Your self publishing right?? About a month ago I looked in here and you said it would be out at Halloween and that you were 70% done well your still saying your 70% done and Halloween has long gone and here we are at Thanksgiving. WTH??? I kinda wish I had never read 1 and 2 book so I wouldn’t be at your freaken mercy for book 3!!!!!!!

  2. Carrie Rogers

    I just finished the first two books in the Famished series and I’m hooked! I love post-apocalyptic novels and yours are in the top 3 series I’ve read. So of course I’m chomping at the bit wondering when the next installment is coming out. It doesn’t look like you’ve updated in a while…can you give your faithful fans an idea when we can drool over Rudy once again??? Thanks!


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