Living with the Dead will be

published May 2017


My WIP’s

You can watch my works in progress right here on my site! =)

  • Bailing Out into the Dead- Publication Feb 2017 100%
  • Ink Slapped – EDITING 0%
  • Living with the Dead, The Famished Book Three – BETA PROCESS 5%
  • Empathic Disturbances Book One – queued for revision 100%
  • A Famished Anthology- queued for revision 100%
  • Empathic Disturbances Book Two – queued for drafting 0%

Praise for The Famished Trilogy!

“Suspenseful, thrilling, innovative and even funny at times, Taking on the Dead is a book you will not be able to put down.” – Larey Batz, Author of Second Dawn
“It is a non-stop ride from start to finish. Taking on The Dead is not just a smash and gash zombie book, it’s a journey of learning how to truly live in a world of so much death.” – Ali Hymer at Ginger Reads Reviews
“Walls’ prose is clean and often incredibly poetic. She paints a devastating, yet oddly optimistic portrait of the Zombie Apocalypse!” – Carmen Jenner, Author of Welcome to Sugartown and The Undead Revolution
“It is written with heart, emotion, and a bit of snark.” – Liz Ziolkowski at Fictional Candy

I’m Moved! Sort of…

I'm officially back to work this morning, surrounded by boxes and our contractor working around me, but I'm working so that's what counts. My fingers actually feel kind of funny tapping the keyboard because it's been approximately two months since I've written...

Rotten Love: V-Day Bites Blog Hop Giveaway!!

Rotten Love: V-Day Bites Blog Hop Giveaway!!

I'm totally NOT on the ball and I have to thank Lindsay at Contagious Reads for being SUPER DUPER fuckin' awesome. She basically organized this whole blog hop and collected the huge giveaway prizes... and she's just awesome. There aren't really words to express my...

Hyper Beans and Character Names!

So I've been hitting up a coffee brew called "hyper bean" the past couple of days because the grocery store is a chore I hate. Yeah, I know it doesn't make sense. If I can get the convenience store coffee, surely I can take a trip to the grocery. I'm just practicing...

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