Living with the Dead’s publication

is to be announced.


My WIP’s

You can watch my works in progress right here on my site! =)

  • Living with the Dead 95%
  • Ink Slapped 100%
  • Empathic Disturbances 90%
  • A Famished Anthology 80%
  • Untitled Book 85%

Praise for The Famished Trilogy!

“Suspenseful, thrilling, innovative and even funny at times, Taking on the Dead is a book you will not be able to put down.” – Larey Batz, Author of Second Dawn

“It is a non-stop ride from start to finish. Taking on The Dead is not just a smash and gash zombie book, it’s a journey of learning how to truly live in a world of so much death.” – Ali Hymer at Ginger Reads Reviews

“Walls’ prose is clean and often incredibly poetic. She paints a devastating, yet oddly optimistic portrait of the Zombie Apocalypse!” – Carmen Jenner, Author of Welcome to Sugartown and The Undead Revolution

“It is written with heart, emotion, and a bit of snark.” – Liz Ziolkowski at Fictional Candy

My Response to Goodreads Bullies

My Response to Goodreads Bullies

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post saying “This is all I’ll say about bad reviews.” I lied. My bad, yo. Seriously… Okay. That’s it. Enough! I’m so sick of the shit storm called “Goodreads Bullies.” There was recently...