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  • Living with the Dead 95%
  • Ink Slapped 100%
  • Empathic Disturbances 90%
  • A Famished Anthology 80%
  • Untitled Book 85%

Praise for The Famished Trilogy!

“Suspenseful, thrilling, innovative and even funny at times, Taking on the Dead is a book you will not be able to put down.” – Larey Batz, Author of Second Dawn

“It is a non-stop ride from start to finish. Taking on The Dead is not just a smash and gash zombie book, it’s a journey of learning how to truly live in a world of so much death.” – Ali Hymer at Ginger Reads Reviews

“Walls’ prose is clean and often incredibly poetic. She paints a devastating, yet oddly optimistic portrait of the Zombie Apocalypse!” – Carmen Jenner, Author of Welcome to Sugartown and The Undead Revolution

“It is written with heart, emotion, and a bit of snark.” – Liz Ziolkowski at Fictional Candy

Rotten Love: V-Day Bites Blog Hop Giveaway!!

Rotten Love: V-Day Bites Blog Hop Giveaway!!

I’m totally NOT on the ball and I have to thank Lindsay at Contagious Reads for being SUPER DUPER fuckin’ awesome. She basically organized this whole blog hop and collected the huge giveaway prizes… and she’s just awesome. There aren’t really words to express my depth of gratitude. My love for Lindsay is definitely NOT rotten:   GAH!!! Zombies… they are all the craze. And now it seems as though many love stories set in a zompoc are hitting Kindles everywhere! Instead of me rambling on about zombies and love and kissy shit, I WANT to know YOUR favorite (It can’t be mine, although thick with romantic elements, it’s not romance and therefore not eligible. The romance has to be the point of the story. The focus.) Annie Approves coming up…. My favorite happens to be Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’ve read this one over and over and I laugh at all the same parts. It just never gets old. A zombie classic if I say so myself. Seriously, I mean, if you are gonna have zombies there’s got to be some humor in it… and this has everything. Plus, I love the Elizabeth in this version WAY better than the original. 😉 Share this post, comment with your fave (and the link of sharing) and I’ll send you some swag. Not a contest. I’ve got a WHOLE roll of stamps and I wanna use them!! Also ONE lucky will get a kindle copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.   ALSO… Be sure to enter in this giveaway… 90 bucks on the line folks! a Rafflecopter giveaway  ...
My Response to Goodreads Bullies

My Response to Goodreads Bullies

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post saying “This is all I’ll say about bad reviews.” I lied. My bad, yo. Seriously… Okay. That’s it. Enough! I’m so sick of the shit storm called “Goodreads Bullies.” There was recently an upcoming author that pulled her book from being debuted because she was attacked on Goodreads for asking why people were rating her book low before it was even published. Hmmm… GR is not for authors (And neither is the Amazon forums). Yes, there are many authors that take part on the site, but they know the risks they take. In my opinion, I think this author let herself be bullied. She engaged in it, said some nasty things herself… when that is a BIG, FAT NO NO! I think the excuse for her behavior is she is a noob. Yep. For all you noobs, do your homework. Seriously, if your a writer, research should be second nature. YES, people will rate your book before it’s out. Hell, I think Controlling the Dead’s average is less than three stars right now, and it’s not published. I should check, but I don’t care because it’s not a true rating. Advice: Dudes and Dudettes(authors), These are just opinions. ONE person out of six BILLION! Okay, so maybe it’s more than one person. Grow some thick skin, would ya? I mean, come on… EVERYONE gets bad reviews whether you’re an author, a band, or a hand model for jewelry advertising… Geez! How dare that bitch have a scar on her thumb? She has man hands!!! She shouldn’t be modeling that cubic zirconia!...